Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sous Vide: I'm fancy now

I LOVE a good kitchen gadget, and If you know me I know thats not ground breaking news to you. Mike and I watched the movie "Burn" a few months back and it really piqued my curiosity on sous vide. So finally I broke down and recently bought the Anova Sous Vide precision cooker. I know it may come to a shock to those of you that don't currently live in the greater Seattle area, but it was gross outside today and so I decided to test my new little gadget out. I made egg cups with onions, peppers, and turkey kielbasa for the carnivore (Mike). Recipe with pictures below.

Ingredients and tools used

-8 Large Eggs
*If you want more of a scrambled egg cup I would recommend adding about a 1/2-3/4 cup milk of your choice, it will add some moisture to the eggs and make them sort of squishy (I think thats a technical cooking term)
-Bell Peppers of your choice chopped-I used yellow, red and green it was about a quarter to half cup of each 
-Red onion, about a quarter cup
-Turkey Kielbasa chopped into small cubes- about a cup to 3/4 cup 
-Pinch of salt and pepper
-6 mason jars with lids
-Large Pot or heavy duty plastic bin to cook in

I start every meal by prepping my ingredients, and I usually do enough for a few meals since I meal prep. I have plastic deli containers that I prep, and then store in. I think I got them on amazon for like 15 bucks. I HIGHLY recommend this, its a huge time saver later on. I used the remainder of my chopped peppers and onions to make a Mexican quinoa in the crock pot after I made the egg jars. 

Preheat your cooker to about 165-takes a bit so get it going while you prep. I cannot stress enough that this is just a recommendation, these bad boys come with instructions you should follow on how to set up and an app that helps you choose time and temps. Also as a side note I used to make this same thing in mini muffin pan, which is still applicable. 

1. Whisk eggs, add in milk if you are doing so, and then salt and pepper. 
2.Add in all your chopped meats and veggies and give a few more whisks to get everything combined. We can't eat cheese but I highly recommend you do, I think swiss or a sharp cheddar would be amazeballs. 
3. Spray your mason jars with non stick cooking spray- a little goes a long way here. 
4. Add ingredients to jars close lids tightly and when water is heated to 165 carefully add jars to pot or bin. I used tongs to lower my jars, be careful that water is hot. 

Cook for 40-50 mins, when using milk it may take just a smidge longer. 

Once done remove jars, and let cool. I popped mine into the fridge so that mike can reheat them in the microwave each morning for a delicious eggy breakfast treat. 

Ambitious Inaptitudes : A dreamer's job is never done

For as long as a I can remember, I have always been a very curious person. Additionally, I  have a deeply rooted obsessive personality combined with a fear of failure that is in constant battle with my natural want to experience life and new endeavors. Due to this curiosity, I have engaged in hobbies, collected things, and dreamt in a pretty massive way throughout my life. I've had dreams of being everything from an author, an FBI agent, fashion photographer, a chef, and just about everything in between. When I get an idea in my head, I pursue it relentlessly until It I achieve it. As such, I have a sprinkle collection that rivals most professional bakers, a graveyard of mostly unused art supplies, and a complete book sitting on my laptops hard drive. Luckily, I grew up with a mother and family, and now wonderful boyfriend, who celebrated my dreams and compulsive leaps between intrests, instead than discouraging me. I do not think any of them ever actually told me I could not achieve anything I put my mind to which is something rare in todays world of limits and doubt. I truly believe that because of their support that I'm able to put aside my self proclaimed "scaredy cat" nature,  look at activities or recipes and say "Yeah, I think I can do that" and then I do it.
So here I am, sharing all of those ambitious ideas and dreams with all of you. Hope Y'all enjoy!